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Injuries to the Bones in the Leg


In the day and age of advanced motor vehicles, the average person still walks about 1,000 miles each year, making feet and ankles our number one means of transportation. Our widespread ankle and foot use places a strain on our bones, given that they support as much as one and a half times of our body's weight.


Listed below are some foot and ankle related statistics:

  • In excess of 1.5 million people seek their physicians to care for sprained ankles every year.
  • Each year almost 1 million people seek advice from their doctors due to broken ankles.
  • Over 5.3 million people request medical attention for their feet and ankles annually.

In addition to ankle and foot fractures, people often suffer from sprained ankles, shin splints, and injuries to the Achilles tendon. Toes are additionally at risk for injuries and fractures, with the amount of walking, running and other exercising that the average person performs.



The knees and legs are under continuous strain from walking, moving, and bending. Because of this a leg injury may have an overwhelming effect on a bone fracture victim. Our legs are used to hold up our bodies and transport us near and far, and if the bones of one or both legs are fractured the victim may suffer great amounts of pain, and have a difficult time with their mobility.

The main bones in the leg, include the femur (longest bone in the human body), the fibula, the tibia (shin bone), and the patella (kneecap) which allow the body to bend and move at the hip, knee, and ankle. A common leg injury is a shin bone fracture. The tibia will be prone to bruising and other more serious injuries as the result of the lack of fat and muscle covering the bone. A tibia plateau fracture occurs when the top of the tibia is broken where it joins the knee cap. In addition to bones, the leg also depends on the cartilage in the knees to assist in movement. Cartilage may also be injured in a leg injury, as it may twist and cause severe pain.

Some of the numerous incidents which may cause leg fractures include sports injuries and trauma. Below are just a few signs of a fractured leg:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Bruising

If a leg fracture is suspected the injured person should seek medical attention immediately and follow all of the doctor's orders, which may include elevating your leg, using crutches, and wearing a cast.


The hip bone, which is also called the pelvis, is a fundamental part of the human body as the legs are connected to the pelvis, making it a large joint which provides people with the ability to sit, bend, stand, and move their legs. If a person suffers a fractured hip, they will have very restricted mobility.

Many people who suffer from broken hips are the elderly, whose bones weaken as they age and place them at higher risk for numerous types of fractures. Roughly 300,000 people experience broken hips each year that require hospitalization.

There are two different types of pelvic breaks, the Intertrochanteric fracture and femoral neck fracture. Each break has different types of procedure to treat and repair the break in the hip bone. In severe cases hip replacement surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon. Hip fractures are especially dangerous because they may be followed by Pneumonia, infection, and/or blood clots.

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