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Types of Bone Fractures

The term "fracture" and "break" are often interchanged in dialogue of injury throughout the medical profession. There are several distinct varieties of bone fractures. All types of bone fractures are additionally know as an open fracture or a closed fracture, referring to whether the skin over the fracture remains intact (closed) or has broken (open).

  • A simple fracture occurs when the bone is broken in one place while the skin remains unbroken.
  • A hairline fracture occurs when there are cracks within the bone yet the bones remain connected.
  • An avulsion fracture occurs when the tendon that connects a muscle to a bone pulls away part of the bone.
  • A compound fracture occurs when the bone and the skin is broken.
  • A transverse fracture occurs when the bone breaks at a right angle to the span of the bone. This is also referred to as a displaced fracture.
  • A greenstick fracture occurs when the bone breaks on one side and bends on the other side. This is also referred to as a buckle fracture.
  • A comminuted fracture occurs when there are least three bone fragments present at the break.
  • A proximal fracture refers to the location of the fracture, in this case furthest from the center of the body; commonly the hand or foot.
  • A distal fracture refers to the location of the fracture, in this case closest to the center of the body; commonly the shoulder or hip.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a fractured bone injury, contact The Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen, LLC as soon after the accident as possible and you will stand the best chance of recovering compensation. California has several laws that make a lawsuit impossible after a legally instituted deadline runs out. A broken bone victim should never sign any paperwork or agree to any settlement without first speaking to a California broken bone injury attorney. In addition, with legal representation, you can guard yourself and fight for what is legally owed to you.

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